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My name is Adriane, and I am the artist behind The Wild, a collection of modern, minimalist apparel for adventurous little ones. We specialize in unisex clothing featuring our high-contrast, quirky characters that are perfect for babies and kids with big imaginations. Each piece in our collection features my original illustrations and is hand-printed using eco-friendly ink and ethically sources garments. I spend my days drinking copious amounts of tea with my hands covered in ink, it’s kind of the best.

What is your proudest moment as an entrepreneur?
I would have to say the day I launched. I have had some incredible successes along the way, things I never could have expected, such as working with celebrities like Hilary Duff or being featured in Today’s Parent magazine, but putting my brand out there for the first time, back when I had no idea if it would work, took the most courage for me.

What habits do you practice to keep yourself organized?
I have an obsessive relationship with my day-planner and my to-do lists. I manage the big-picture vision of my business using Trello, but my day-to-day life is all based in the planner, without it I wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

How do you keep yourself motivated?
My passion for my brand pushes me along. I think if I had started a business just for the sake of owning a business, I would have lost steam ages ago. But I am madly in love with The Wild, it’s a forever thing. If and when the day comes that it’s over, it won’t be because my motivation ended, but rather for some other life-related thing. I would draw my little characters for the rest of my life, it brings me nothing but joy.

Are there any brands/people you look up to? If so who are they and what do you admire about them?
When I first launched my brand into a very highly competitive market, I felt very much accepted by a few existing highly successful brands and I have been in awe of them ever since because of the kindness they showed me, and because of the amazing example they set for other entrepreneurs. These brands include Mushybooks, MyMila, Paperfelt, Pixel Paper Hearts, and the since-closed Vonbon Apparel. There are many more I could mention, but those really stand out. These are all women-run brands with so much passion and true love for what they do.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?
Make sure that it’s in your heart. Make sure that the business you are launching is one you would do even if you won the lottery and the money didn’t matter. You will only persist and succeed if it’s truly a part of your soul.

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