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"We are Nikki and Heidi and we own Liz & Lottie, a lifestyle and gift shop in the East Village. We named the store after our grandmothers because they played such a big role in our lives growing up and were women we looked up to so much. Plus their names sound sweet together! We used to work together and we both came to a realization that our previous line of work was not where we wanted to be so over some drinks we decided to venture into the unknown and dump a bunch of money into something we knew nothing about haha!" 
Liz & Lottie is a boutique in Calgary that I frequent often. It's beautifully styled, with gorgeous products and the perfect place to buy a gift - for anyone! I got to chat with the owners, Nikki and Heidi, about how they do business. If you don't follow them on instagram, you need to. Their insta-stories have me literally LOLing on a daily basis! They make me wish I could do business every day with my BFF.

What is your proudest moment as an entrepreneur?
When we actually opened our doors! Leading up to the opening we worked our buns off...without a doubt the hardest we've ever had to work...and while it was a complete blur, our opening day was a hugely proud moment for us.  

What habits do you practice to keep yourself organized? 
As much as we would love to share tips and secrets about organization, we are sadly not as organized as we should be! Luckily there is two of us to share the workload which means our brains don't have to hold as much and our memories are still decent! 

How do you keep yourself motivated?
Needing to pay our bills and not having a back up plan are our biggest motivations! It's not a choice on whether or not we succeed. We have to. 

Are there any brands/people you look up to? If so who are they and 
what do you admire about them?
There are a lot of brands and people we look up to but we're not going to name names because we don't want to shortchange the entrepreneurs and brands that we don't know about yet! 
We look up to and admire any person/brand who's passion for what they do comes through in their work. Brands and people that are authentic and real are our jam. 

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business?
We have two pieces of advice...

Our first piece is if you can partner with someone you know and trust, DO IT! It is so important to have someone to share the entrepreneurial lows with and it's SO MUCH FUN to have someone to share the highs with! Being an entrepreneur is tough on relationships. It's hard to turn off the entrepreneurial side of you and it's sometimes frustrating to try and loop other people in because they have no clue what you go through on a day to day basis. You wear many hats as an entrepreneur and it's difficult to relate to someone who wears the same hat everyday and clocks in and clocks out at their job. If you have someone within your business that you can lean on, the other relationships in your life won't suffer nearly as much. 

Our second piece of advice is if you can afford to outsource things (ie. building a website, branding, etc.) DO IT! Yes of course it's extremely important to know every aspect of your business but you don't need to learn it all at once. You are your business and if you crash and burn from having too much on your plate, so does your business.
You can find Liz & Lottie on instagram at @lizandlottieyyc, visit their online store at, OR visit them in person at 537 Riverfront Ave SE in Calgary, AB!

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