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I can pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with weddings and all that goes into preparing for that most special day, and since then I have been in love with love and celebrating it as beautifully as it deserves. My journey began as a floral designer 13 long-yet-short years ago. From there I worked in a winery catering mainly to weddings, self-taught myself the craft of baking and decorating special occasion cakes, and have even assisted photographers on wedding days. Finally, in August of 2013, I put all of the knowledge and skills I gained over the past decade towards one driving force that is Amanda Cowley Events. You could say I hit the ground running, and I've never looked back."

I got the chance to chat with Amanda of Amanda Cowley Events, who's been my long time insta-friend about what inspires her and her own techniques to stay organized and motivated as a business owner, wife, and mom of two!

photo by: Nataschia Wielink

What is your proudest moment as an entrepreneur? 
This question is tough! On an emotional level, I get to relive the proudest moment as a planner and entrepreneur every wedding day when I get to see the joy on my client's faces as they say their vows to one another and become officially married. With all that goes into our planning journey from the emotions, decision making, correspondence, stress (hopefully minimal!), and the inevitable highs and lows of planning, it's the culmination of all that work; I can't help but feel immense pride in celebrating that moment with them!

Professionally, appearing on the Steven & Chris show in the spring of 2014 to share my designs (executed alongside a team of wonderful Niagara wedding professionals) and then being interviewed by Steven & Chris in their CBC studio with my mom and husband supporting and championing for me in the audience, was a high point in my life that I will always look back on with great fondness and a full heart.

photo by: Elizabeth in Love

What habits do you practice to keep yourself organized? 
As a mom, wife, homemaker, and planner, I only excel when I have a clean and clear system in place. When I see the notifications climbing on unread emails in my inbox, I can feel myself become anxious, so I like to start each day by clearing my inbox and organizing my emails into appropriate folders so that I have all the information I could need at my fingertips. I also appreciate the art of list-making and the joy of accomplishing a set list of reasonable tasks throughout my day, which I categorize based on priority or urgency.

photo by: Elizabeth in Love

How do you keep yourself motivated? 
Wedding planning can be a very sensitive experience in a person's life and I can appreciate that. Putting myself in my client's shoes is always the best reminder of the importance of getting things done and in a timely manner. I remember planning my own wedding and the stress or anxiousness I would experience when I didn't receive a response from a vendor within a reasonable amount of time, or if I had to chase someone down for a simple answer. If I can keep my clients calm and at ease, I am happy to take the time (during business hours of course) to give them the respect they deserve and provide them with the services they paid for -- this in-turn makes for a more enjoyable planning journey and a stronger relationship with my couples.

photo by: Nataschia Wielink

Are there any brands/people you look up to? If so who are they and what do you admire about them? 
I draw inspiration from so many facets and aspects of my life -- from day to day interactions with local industry vendors, to connecting with like-minded professionals online and learning from brands and entrepreneurs on social media. I try to take a little bit away from every relationship and experience. A few of the stand out entrepreneurs who inspire me on a regular basis are Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, whom I have been following for years and can appreciate the success she's garnered as a woman, mother, writer, designer, and wife. Tanya Meda of House of Six Interiors: we have a very similar style and I am so impressed that she can keep such a beautiful home with 4 kiddos running around! In the wedding world stylist, Ginny Au makes everything she touches look effortless, while Steve Moore of Sinclair and Moore has exceptional taste, no questions asked.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own business? 
Don't be afraid to learn. Ask questions because it's ok if you don't have all the answers. Second-guessing yourself every single day is part of the gig. Learn to accept a compliment. KNOW YOUR WORTH. Set boundaries and have enough respect for yourself to stay within them. Understand that saying no to something doesn't mean you'll never get to say yes again. When it starts to feel like work, make a change. Appreciate how fortunate you are to do what you love, every single day.


You can find Amanda on instagram at @amandacowley or visit her website at

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